Instrument: Bass

Year of Birth: 1979

Alltime Favorites:

Iron, Maiden, Anathema, Therion, Live, Megadeth, The 3rd and the
Mortal, Cradle of Filth (until 1999), Arcturus, Manowar, Emperor

Current Playlist:

The 3rd and the Mortal - "Sorrow, Painting on Glass"
Samael - "Ceremony of Opposites"
My Dying Bride - "Songs of Darkness Words of Light"
Therion - "Lemuria, Sirius B"
Antimatter - "A Dream for the Blind"


Peavey Grind NTB-6, Jackson JPB-8, Palmer B-05
Rotosound & Warwick Strings

H&K BassKick 100, Peavey 115 BX BW
Klotz La Grange Cables

Other Bands:

1994 Rapture
1994-1997 Malfunction
2000-2004 Overstolz (guit.)
2003 Endtime (Session live)
2004- Paimon
L.I.F.T: 96-

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